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Shower bomb sampler sets and gift packs are perfect for any occasion!  Graduation, bridal shower, birthdays or just because!

Want to try one?  Place an order and we will send you one for free!

Available in 4 wonderful flavors!  Create (Strawberry), Breathe (Menthol), Relax (Lavender) and Energize (Lemon)!

Create (strawberry) shower bomb Breathe (menthol) shower bomb Energize (lemon) Shower Bomb Relax (lavender) Shower Bomb





Place the shower bomb on the floor of your shower or bath.  Enjoy the beautiful aroma of the spa-like experience as the fragrance mixes with the steam of your shower.

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Memorial Day Sale!  Get 15% off your total order!

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Offer expires June 15, 2019